Our holiday cottages are located in the western Central Finland, in Haapamäki, which is a part of the city of Keuruu.

Keuruu is known for its old church built in the 18th century as well as for its beautiful and diverse nature. Explore the traditional Keuruu: Old Keuruu. An old saying goes that in Central Finland and especially Keuruu the Finnish language is at its purest form. Elias Lönnrot, reformer of the Finnish language visited Keuruu to learn Finnish in its natural state. As a reminder of this, the paddle steamer Elias Lönnrot sails the lake of Keurusselkä. On the southern shore of Keurusselkä lies the city of Mänttä , which can be considered one of the birth places of Finnish paper industry. In Mänttä are the Serlachius-museums , which are very highly regarded. The art collection of Gösta Serlachius is one of the most remarkable private collections.

The village of Haapamäki was founded in the late 1890s around an intersection on the railway to Vaasa. You can explore the history of the steam trains in the Steam train park of Haapamäki.

Driving instructions to the Rantamoijanen farm:

Arrive to Haapamäki via Orivesi, Vilppula or Kolho. Turn to Haapamäki at sign Haapamäki – Ruovesi (road number 3481). Drive past the town centre. Continue for 5 km from the church, and turn left on a dirt road – signs are Moijanen and Ravirata. Drive this road for about 800 meters, and turn right at sign Rantamoijanen. You will be guided to the cottage from the farm.